The Chronicle Herald
Published June 29, 2011
“Brain injury inspired performer”
By Andrea Nemetz, Entertainment Reporter

Getting knocked unconscious was the best thing that could have happened to Jon Davis.

But when it happened nearly five years ago it sent the Montreal singer-songwriter into a dark, depressed place.

Davis, now 33, had just graduated with a masters degree in classical singing from McGill University and was on his way to hear a band when he fell and hit his head on the pavement…

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CBC Television Montreal, QC   (Performance/ interview)
Global Television Regina, SK   (Interview)
Global Television Regina, SK   (Performance)
CTS Television Toronto, ON    (Performance/ interview)


“Jon Davis’ musical chops and training are of the highest caliber, they have to be to get your foot in the door in this industry. I urge other presenters to get this guy on their stage in any capacity available.”
– Matt Large, Hello Darlin’ Productions / The Wintergreen Concert Series

“Jon Davis’ warm vocals and understated guitar create an intimate mood that softly envelops the listener. His music is a blend of Folk and Jazz reminiscent of James Taylor and Nilsson yet his sound, purely his own. Jon is by far one of the most talented singer-songwriters to emerge since Van Morrison.”
– Alex Boicel, BET Jazz (Artistic Dir. Cayenne Jazz Festival)

“Jon Davis is one of my favorite performers. He is eclectic, passionate, uniquely multi-talented yet vulnerable and unassuming. He delivers with quiet confidence, yet possesses bold and raw passion.”
– Holly Fleming, The Yellowdoor

“…If you like James Taylor, I think you will absolutely love Jon Davis.
Very, very nice voice… very, very fine album by a Montrealer.”
– CBC Radio One (Daybreak)

“Here’s a nod to a new Canadian singing talent; Montreal’s Jon Davis is generating buzz for his Indie/Folk/Rock. He’s also trained in Classical and Jazz…”
– CTV News @ Six

“…’Golden Hue’ is a record that should be heard. …all together a really good debut album from this Canadian who we (and not only James Taylor fans) should keep an eye out for.”
– Johan Schoenmakers, (Netherlands)

“It’s not often you encounter a musician that can write, sing and play really well. Jon Davis does all three now and is poised to become an artist of consequence in the very near future.”
– Bill Garrett, Borealis Records


by Johan Schoenmakers, (Netherlands)
English translation by Debora Berghuijs.

Let’s take a singer/songwriter, give him an acoustic guitar, let him sing beautiful sensitive songs and give some string players a supporting role. Then which name comes to mind? Exactly, Nick Drake. This is also the case on the MySpace site of this singer/songwriter from Montreal. “James Taylor meets Nick Drake and Coldplay on a warm sunny beach with cold water crashing hard against the shore” is written on this website. In my opinion the only comparison that makes sense, is the one with James Taylor (Ok, in “if it gets you down” the sound might hint at Coldplay). Without saying that Jon Davis is a clone of James Taylor, you can say that his voice and in a certain way his music sometimes has something of James Taylor. Is this bad? No, because the CD “Golden Hue” is a record that should be heard. As a matter of fact this debut album is very strong. Davis has by nature a rather high vocal sound and has, because of this use of the falsetto voice, a very high range. In the lower registers his voice has sometimes some vocal impurity but that is more charming than disturbing. The basis of his songs is made on either the guitar or the piano. This basic variation gives something refreshing to the CD. Next to that Davis is capable of writing really beautiful songs. The almost six minute long opening song “Nocturnal Rainbow” is simply phenomenal. It has a good built up and the end of the song, with its accompaniment of an up swelling violin and cello is heavenly beautiful. The loosely played jazzy “Rebirth” is of a similar standard. The beauty of the song in combination with the beautiful instrumentation shows an amazing writing talent. “The morning light” were Davis is accompanied by the piano, even shows signs of classical influences. The other songs that deserve to be named are the very nice “Silver tree” that develops from strange guitar chords into an amazingly pretty refrain and the more quiet “sweeter girl” with which he finished his album. The other songs range from good to very good but are less striking because of the amazing compositions we have just named.

A big compliment should go to producer Bill Garret who has given this CD an unrealistically beautiful and warm sound. Every instrument sounds fantastic. This is great material for audio fanatics like myself. I don’t believe I have heard in this last year a CD where the percussion and Drums sound as good as they do in this album. So all together a really good debut album from this Canadian who we (and not only James Taylor fans) should keep an eye out for. Only… should we



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